Unwelcoming Trump, July in London, 2018 !


I was asked by the brilliant arts charity All Change to visualise a report for their project 'Creative Conversations'. It was mainly illustrating invisible concepts and messages which was a new challenge for me. I used scanned textures and  Illustrator to create these abstract and fun images, which in the end worked really well! 


I was delighted to be asked to design a label for a brand new larger called Riptide. The badge will sit on 18 bars over London with an accompanying tap handle also designed by me! Lots of fun to hand cut lettering and piece together a colour palette and style reflecting both the Cornish coast (Harbour Brewing) and  the London based company Food&Fuel.


I work on the education team at House of Illustration, where I programme creative workshops and outreach projects. Below are some images of a brilliant project run with Year 5 students from Princess May Primary School in response to the gentrification of Ridley Road Market. It was such a pleasure to watch the kids observe their local area with fresh eyes and produce some amazing artwork under the guidance of illustrator / educator Sion Ap Tomos. Their drawings are soon to be made into a book which will be distributed to stall holders along the market. 


I'm pleased to share my contribution to a new app - The Cartographer's Confession. I created an illustrated map to pin point various London areas that are experienced while listening to narratives on the app.  I used real photography of London buildings, newspaper scraps from the period the story was set and drawings of roads and animals. 

Christmas card making 2017!

Christmas card making 2017!

I graduated! I never went to art school, and kind of regretted it. So in my late 20s I decided to change - I started an MA in Illustration at Camberwell. It was a lot of hard work, but I finished having learnt a lot and ready to embark on my career as an illustrator! 


I ran a series of collage workshops with the brill Ark T charity in Oxford in the summer of 2017. Loved what the little ones came up with! 


I've  really enjoyed adding my twist to the conventional wedding invite style recently!


Beautiful screen printed teeshirts are now available with my design on Everpress! Limited edition on organic cotton tees, only available until 10th June, get yours now for only £20! 

Wohoo! Did my first ever magazine cover! New Internationilst were a pleasure to work with. They wanted a photo collage referencing the challenges young people face globally and the solutions they are coming up with to tackle them. Def worth a read!


Christmas card making 2017! Riso print and ink stamp :)